· WOW, simply the best Japanese cuisine in Whistler!!  The Blue Fin Tuna direct from Japan is to die for… I’ve been here for dinner many times and Tom-san always has a surprise in store that is not on the menu!  ...  RHJ…  Vancouver Dec `06

· Tokyo Tom has done it again with the exclusive Matsusaka  Beef—only at KA-ZE!  Better than Kobe Beef and totally exclusive in North America—Bravo!  Kampai!  …. Tan E.A. …. Singapore Nov `07

· I always make time for  a special dinner engagement at KA-ZE whenever I am in Whistler!  Tokyo Tom never fails to delight the palate with something spectacular and fresh from Japan, but make sure to ask for the `special sake`! …. AJ… London Dec `07

·  For the best sushi in Whistler make sure you dine at KA-ZE with Tom and Chikako.  Authentic Japanese cuisine and simply the best there is outside of Japan!  In fact, KA-ZE serves dishes that are often hard to find even in Japan!  Iris L…. Hong Kong March `07

· Tom and Chikako always make the patrons at KA-ZE feel like family, and dining here is a treat not to be missed during your holiday in Whistler.  An amazing variety from the menu already impresses, but it`s all about the fresh fish and ingredients from Japan—delicacies to delight your taste buds.  Make sure to ask Tokyo Tom what just arrived from Japan!  Creative genius, plus he`s a great ski instructor too (CSIA IV!!). ….  Augustina L. …. Vancouver Jan `08

· KA-ZE is an amazing value in Whistler with selections not available anywhere else.  The sashimi selection is mind boggling and absolutely fresh.  If you prefer hot meals, don’t miss the “NABE” hotpot dishes—a huge platter of veggies, and your choice of seafood or meat . And the set dinner menu for 4 is probably one of the best values in all of Whistler.  Don’t pass on the best when you visit Whistler!   Richard CJ… Edmonton Nov 07

· I’ll be back again for more fantastic sashimi at KA-ZE!  Thanks Tom!  Beverly C. Brackendale BC

· This is the place to go if you want to sample some “genuine” Japanese Cuisine right in Whistler.  The Sushi is a work of art but Tokyo Toms is so much more than just Sushi.  All his fish and meat dishes are the real deal – and a delight to all the senses.  Don’t forget to ask about the baby crabs.  We love it!    Claire and Tom, Whistler, B.C.

· I've been to Kaze many times with family and friends and have enjoyed every experience. My 9 year old son is a sushi fanatic and if he had it his way we would he at Kaze 7 days a week. Fresh, delicious, and being treated like family is what keeps us coming back! Elin, David, & Kristian Pemberton

KA-ZE the Very Best Japanese Sushi and Sashimi in Whistler

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